Waterproof Filler

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Strong adhesion, resistant to seawater.

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Repairs, restores, covers and smooths surfaces.

Impermeable, at a thickness of 3 mm, to seawater and to efflorescence, to CO2 and SO2.
Adhesion to steel 60% greater than a Portland cement mortar.
Can be repainted in 48 hours with emulsion paint or applied on damp substrates.
Does not release alkalis.
Minimum shrinkage, dries and consolidates quickly, easy sanding.

Renders and repairs impermeable surface, exterior walls, water tanks, fountains, swimming pools, basements, among other surfaces. Repairs and fills exteriors without requiring formwork, such as columns, balconies, terraces, kerbs or ducts. Attaches and embeds exterior elements, such as mail boxes, electrical boxes or steps.
Integral reinforced concrete repair system.
Anticorrosion protection for rebars.