Dioflex 2 RT

Dioflex 2 RT, Exterior Walls, Roofs and Terraces, Plain Paint, Tintas Barbot

Dioflex 2 RT


100% acrylic elastic coating with double crosslinking, exterior walls. Great flexibility, high weather resistance, ultra-waterproofing.

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Ideal for painting exteriors.

The new Dioflex 2 RT offers a flexible coating and excellent waterproofing, ideal for painting exterior render.
It is a 100% acrylic elastic coating for protection of external walls with double crosslinking, photo-crosslinking and chemical crosslinking.

The double crosslinking enables higher levels of resistance and waterproofing to be achieved, essential characteristics for painting exteriors.
This revolutionary innovation once again derives from Barbot’s constant focus on the development and continuous improvement of its products, for an effective response to the market.