Barbolite Hydro Paint

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Barbolite Hydro Paint


Water-based paint with Hydro Pliolite® resins. High resistance to alkalinity, vapour permeable and impermeable to water, low odour.

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Water-based paint with Hydro Pliolite® resins.

For your home to remain in the best condition for as long as possible, it is necessary to prevent natural phenomena, such as rain, wind or UV rays, from having an adverse effect on its construction.
Barbolite Hydro Paint is a new example of the constant development and high quality of Barbot. This water-based paint is made using the latest generation Hydro Pliolite® resins, using innovative EBS (Emulsified Binding System) technology, for a more porous and much more durable film.

Intended for painting exteriors, with an ultra-matt finish, and designed to be used in construction work, applied on cement mortars, stucco, concrete or other substrates, Barbolite Hydro Paint guarantees excellent adhesion and opacity, as well as vapour permeability and impermeability to liquid water.
Product with Maximum Barbot Guarantee.