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Barbot protects roofs against extreme conditions.

Created for all types of roof, even those that are subject to the most aggressive effects of weather, Barbotelhas is the most recent product launched by Barbot, the Portuguese paint and varnish company.

Barbotelhas is a paint created from scratch to protect roofs. It is the result of intense research and tests and was developed to resist the onslaughts of time and adverse weather conditions, from the highest temperatures to long seasons of rain, frost and even snow.

Its formula based on acrylic resins adheres easily to any surface and can be applied to conventional, fibrocement and concrete tiles, with no need for a primer. Barbotelhas thus offers savings in time and money, while giving roofs impermeability, significant resistance to UV rays and excellent durability. In addition, this emulsion paint also creates a film protected against fungal and mould growth.

Roofs, due to their high exposure to climatic factors, challenge the protection and waterproofing of buildings. In this sense, Barbot developed a paint that creates an additional protective film, guaranteeing greater durability of roofs and, consequently, of buildings”, explains Sofia Miguel, Barbot Marketing Director.

Barbotelhas is available on the market in black or traditional tile colour, in matt and with a flat finish, in 5 and 15 litre sizes.