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Barbot presents colour trends for interiors See details

The Portuguese paint manufacturer has launched a new catalogue of colours for interiors, presenting decorating trends for the New Year.

The start of the year always inspires change. New resolutions, new wishes, renewed energy. Barbot presents colour trends for 2016, in an inspiring palette, to bring a new colour into your home and into your life.

As daily routines become increasingly digital and high-speed, decorating trends transform homes into havens of comfort, where senses are stimulated by analogue experiences. Colour is seen as a way of awakening the senses, recovering memories and creating comfort references.

The complexity of white


White is timeless. In 2016, it is back in force in decorating trends, which explore the complexity of white, in different shades and temperatures. In other words, combinations of different shades of white and playing with exposures to light, creating subtle and elegant nuances.

Colour contrasts


And because decorating is made of contrasts, while some are promoting white, others are applauding contrasts with strong colours, sharp combinations, creating dynamics and strong angles. Contrasts are achieved between pure white and bright colours or in bold combinations of colours.

Pinks and violets


Romantic and seductive, pinks and violets are one of the major colour trends for 2016. Pantone defined Rose Quartz as the colour of the year, but the fact is that the palette is even wider, ranging from the most youthful shades to warmer and more intense colours. They can be used as dominant colours, creating elegant, delicate and feminine ambiences or used on just one wall to accent a particular space.

Strong blues and greens


Blues and greens are intense and vibrant colours, highlights in decorating, around which other elements are structured. In the trends for 2016, they appear in conjunction with rustic wood, which tones down the luxuriousness of these tones and makes them more versatile.



Greys are still among the top trends. Sophisticated and versatile, they adapt to different styles and spaces. Now they appear more closely linked to slate shades, dark and contrasting with the rest of the space. They create urban and futurist atmospheres, appreciated by millennials.



Browns are also strongly represented in new trends, appearing in warm earth, coffee and mocha colours. A connection to our roots, permitting combinations with wood, beiges and creams, creating comfortable and comforting atmospheres.

Besides colour trends, the new Barbot catalogue also offers advice on how to make the best of each ambience, to conceal blemishes and to select the colours that best suit each room in the house.

Your home is the canvas for your imagination. Get to work on it!