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Barbot presents a range of flooring solutions

Use of the best products and correct application of materials are essential for strong and safe flooring, with an excellent decorative appearance.

Aware of these needs, Barbot presents a collection of flooring solutions.

Barbot presents a range of solutions for the coating, protection and decoration of flooring, including self-levelling coatings, paints, enamels, varnishes and auxiliary products.

This product range is specially recommended for projects that require high chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance, as well as ultra-hygienic and easily cleaned conditions, as in laboratories, canteens, garages, storehouses, offices, industry and commercial and teaching establishments. Alongside these advantages, the Barbot solutions also guarantee non-toxicity, greater impermeability, a high level of non-combustibility and total adhesion.

A good example of the flooring range is Barbofloor Outdoor, a solution for outdoor flooring that provides a decorative effect and free-draining, durable and compact coating, thanks to its high strength.

Comprising special resins and natural aggregates, Barbofloor Outdoor is uniform, resistant and safe, also ensuring an attractive appearance, since all its properties are accompanied by a basic concern with aesthetics and good taste.

This new Barbot solution is also notable for its permeability to water and air, reflecting-a concern for the environment, since it ensures that the natural water cycle is not interrupted.

To guarantee the correct application and excellent performance of each product, for interiors and exteriors, Barbot has a specialist team to provide supervision and technical advice for each project.