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Barbot launches five new technical solutions

Barbot Flex, Barbot Imper, Hydrolite Primer, Biotelhas and Biochoque are the five new products presented by the Portuguese paint manufacturer.

The warmer seasons are arriving and also the best time for making changes to your home. Barbot has therefore launched five new products: two additives, a primer and two cleaning solutions, intended to facilitate the work of those who need to paint, seal or treat certain areas.

As well as decorative products, which are very important to offer new solutions to the decorating market and end consumers, the Barbot Research and Development Centre has also focused on creating new solutions for the restoration market. In this area, products with very specific purposes are a priority”, justifies Sofia Miguel, Marketing Director at Barbot.

Barbot Flex is an additive to mix with 32.5N grade Portland cement, creating a flexible and impermeable mortar with high adhesion. The mixture obtained can be applied to concrete, cement, brick, etc. substrates, which can then be painted. This additive can also be used for waterproofing walkable surfaces, terraces, balconies, water tanks, plant pots and swimming pools. With high potential, Barbot Flex is notable for its significant flexibility, water resistance and resistance to light pedestrian traffic.

Barbot Imper is also a waterproofing additive, for mixing with cement. Based on high adhesion acrylic resins, it is very easy to apply and can be used as an adhesive and waterproofing primer on concrete surfaces, as a binder on crumbling surfaces, as a waterproofing finish on buried surfaces, as well as a finish on exposed concrete.

Hydrolite Primer is a water-based primer, based on a new generation of Hydro-Pliolite resins. This new product is recommended for application on interior and exterior walls and is appropriate for applying on alkali render or render that is not very solid. Although it is ideal for repainting, this primer can also be used on new constructions. Its main characteristic is undoubtedly its ability to seal the surface to be painted, increasing the spreading rate of topcoat paints.

The cleaning products presented by Barbot are Biochoque and Biotelhas. The first is intended for wash and disinfecting interior or exterior surfaces contaminated by fungi and mould. It is completely colourless and does not alter the appearance of surfaces on which it is applied. Besides disinfecting contaminated zones, the Biochoque cleaning solution also prevents the proliferation of new fungi. Biotelhas has the same purpose, but is prepared for greater efficacy on roof tiles, stone and exterior walls.