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The best colours for each room

Each room has an associated activity, a purpose.

Colours are important to guarantee that each room, and the people in it, achieve their potential.

This is a lively room, devoted to company and comfort and its colour should reflect this balance. It can be based on a neutral, light colour, counterbalanced according to personal taste with a stronger colour that brings more personality and stimulus to an atmosphere that should be lively.

In recent years, bathrooms have emerged from the shadows. These traditionally white and impersonal spaces have become colourful and this trend is likely to continue. Here you can opt for a white base or neutral tones, adding stronger colours in details and the decoration, or select darker colours, if you want a more luxurious atmosphere.

Gourmet cuisine has entered the world of restaurants and spread to every kitchen. Black and darker colours have invaded dining spaces, slate paints are fashionable and applications of wood complete the vintage look.

The office is a working environment that must stimulate its users, without distracting them. Choose colder colours, such as greens or lavenders and keep away from blues, which encourage laziness and drowsiness.

Colours such as blue and peach are excellent to bring intimacy and tranquillity into a room in which peacefulness and serenity are essential. Choose pastel shades and above all colours that make you comfortable.