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Barbotmix System

The Barbotmix system is a highly reliable computerised solution for instant tinting with more than 10,000 colours. This colour mixing system is simple, fast, convenient and economic.

Barbotmix System

The Barbotmix system guarantees the exact reproduction of the colour you want, in high quality paint. You just have to present a sample of the colour intended, choose it from our own catalogue or, if you prefer, try out a mix on the spot.

Barbotmix is a sophisticated system designed to provide the colour that you always wanted, as rapidly and economically as possible.

The Barbotmix system offers:

  • a network of branches, where you can obtain the best paint for your needs and ask any questions;
  • personalised service from qualified staff;
  • products of guaranteed quality, made using the most modern manufacturing processes, in accordance with the strictest standards.

How does it work?

The Barbotmix system has 4 components:

  • a computerised device that automatically dispenses the correct amount of each colourant, transforming the base product into a finished paint of the intended colour;
  • an agitator for total and effective mixing of the end product;
  • a printer to produce labels for the paint container with full identification of the product and all the details of the colour chosen, so that it can be subsequently reproduced;
  • a special mechanism for airtight closure of containers.


The Barbotmix system offers various benefits:

  • Accurate mixing of colours that can be repeated, with maximum reliability, by any
  • Barbotmix equipment;
  • Express mixing service, in just 3 minutes;
  • Reduced costs, avoiding mixing on site, journeys, labour, etc.;
  • A range of more than 10,000 colours, including RAL, NCS, BS 4800;
  • Access to a special catalogue for selecting colours;
  • Possibility of the same colour for different applications;
  • Any quantity, from 1 L;
  • Regular updating of the number of colours available;
  • Periodic expansion of the product range.