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Barbot Paint is a simulator that can be used to comfortably and conveniently test colours for your painting project.

Find the right colour for your project!

It’s simple. Take a photograph of the space to be painted and select your favourite colours from the Barbot Catalogue. This way, you will be able to test the different options and validate the final result, without wasting time or money on colour tests.

If you have already chosen the colour that you want to use or you are already thinking of certain colours as inspiration, Barbot Paint lets you select the shade and see which is the corresponding Barbot colour. All the colours chosen or identified are saved in the application, so that you can view them whenever you need to.

Barbot Paint also provides information on every Barbot store. Now, all the Barbot colours are just a click away.

Barbot Paint is available for IOS and Android.