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Velvet Poudré

Interior Walls

Velvet Poudré is a unique and innovative product notable for its soft and velvety touch. A paint for interiors that will bring softness to your life and to your walls, with light colours and a matt finish. Its scratch-resistant surface allows any dirt to be easily cleaned off.
With the softness of Velvet Poudré, you won’t be able to take your hands off the walls.

100 Snowflake

654 Pearl Light

151 Daisy

150 Face Powder

152 Chamomile

205 Vanilla Flower

653 Vintage

450 Aurora

650 Stone Grey

550 Lavender Shadow

551 Lavender

500 Innocence Blue

405 Morning Blue

406 Aqua Green

415 Emerald

665 Sea Crystal

900 Rose Petal

663 Tulip

350 Blush Pink

952 Sahara

208 Myrrh

660 Cherry Blossom

700 Sunshine

730 Summer Tan

750 Cosmopolitan