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Barbosilk / Barbosoft

Interior Walls

It’s the smoothness that makes a difference. It brings the tranquillity that we need on days that race past in a rush. Relax, take a deep breath and let the ambience do the rest. Enjoy memories and emotions and find your inner self. Give your walls smoothness and a satin touch with Barbosilk paint.

Elegance and tranquillity are painted in the details of an ambience. In the discreet touches that inspire well-being and the calmest of experiences. Fill your house with comfort with Barbosoft paint.

101 Ivory

102 Indian

103 Tangerine

104 Oriental Rose

105 Old Rose

107 Dune

108 Magma

109 Lotus

110 Candy Floss

111 Eggshell

112 Walnut

113 Persimmon

114 Wild Rose

115 Raspberry

116 Apple

117 Lavender

118 Sea Breeze

119 Cupcake

120 Magnolia

121 Meadow

122 Violet

123 Bay

124 Cherry

125 Caramel

126 Mint

127 Amethyst

128 Lagoon

129 Ruby

130 Cappuccino