Barbot Magnet

Barbot Magnet, Walls and Ceilings, Plain Paint - Decorative Effects, Tintas Barbot


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Water-based paint with magnetic effect, interior walls. Magnetic effect, for use with magnets; can be painted over with any type of water-based finishing paint.

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Magnetic effect.

Now that your children have everything ready to go back to school, why not get their rooms ready for the new school year too, in their own style?
With Barbot Magnet, Barbot’s new magnetic paint, your children can personalise the walls in their rooms with notes, photos, cuttings, messages.

Cork boards are old-fashioned now. With this new solution from Barbot, bedroom walls become blank pages to encourage imagination, creativity and self-expression. Give your child the freedom to decorate, redecorate and create a bedroom in their own style.