Barbot Infinity Matt

Barbot Infinity Matt, Plain Paint - Multi-surface, , Tintas Barbot


SKU: 1129

Water-based multi-surface finish. Acts as both primer and finish.


Versatile enamel, with a high sheen.

Recommended for interiors and exteriors, this new enamel is notable for its excellent adhesion to a wide range of wood, metal, glass, ceramic or PVC surfaces. A multi-surface enamel, ready to meet any challenge with maximum efficacy.
As well as being versatile, this Barbot enamel is also very practical.

It can be used as both primer and finish, with no additional products being required, and presents excellent resistance, guaranteeing a very long-lasting product. Easy to apply and with excellent lacquering qualities, Barbot Infinity offers a unique gloss with a special sheen.