Apple Scent

Apple Scent, Walls and Ceilings, Plain Paint, Tintas Barbot



Emulsion paint, interior walls. Washable, quick drying, film protected against fungi, apple scented.

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Pleasant scent of green apples.

Barbot’s famous apple-scented paint now has 14 new colours, in a new catalogue that will inspire you in the decoration of your home.
With a matt finish, Apple Scent paint was designed exclusively for interior walls, to make your painting even easier. Besides being easy to apply, it has a pleasant scent of green apples.

So, as you give your home a new life, you will be enveloped in a gentle natural aroma that will disappear after a few days. These characteristics allow you to paint comfortably, without having to leave the house.
Apple Scent paint is washable and alkali and fungi resistant. It is therefore an ideal solution for painting and repainting homes (especially bedrooms), offices and hotels.